Our history

1997   Establishment of the National Depository Center

1998   Concluded the first agreement on rendering depository and shareholders’ registrar services

2001   Provided services on corporate bonds for the first time

2004   Provided services related to securities to the banks

           Became a co-founder of the Association of Eurasian Central Securities Depositories (AECSD)

2005   Establishment of Nakhchivan branch

2006   Opening of the first correspondent account for the foreign depository

           Concluded partnership agreement with the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA)

           Granted the visibility of the National Numbering Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

2007   Assigned ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) codes to securities issued in Azerbaijan

           Cooperation with “Clearstream Banking” and SWIFT

2008   Joined ANNA

           Became a member of the International Securities Services Association (ISSA)

2009   Provided “one-stop-shop” services to customers

           Rendered trustee services

2010   Establishment of electronic communication with Baku Stock Exchange to ensure uninterrupted transactions on the stock exchange

2011   Provided the brokers with remote access to its depository system

2012   Allocation of ISIN codes to all circulated securities

2013   Obtained a clearing license

           Became a central depository for government securities

2014   Switch to T + x Settlement mode

2015   Became a central depository according to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Securities Market” entered into force by the 

           Decree of the President dated July 14, 2015            

           Reorganized as a non-profit legal entity

           Joined SWIFT network

2016   Launch of the CETA platform, a centralized trading system

           First agreement on Paying Agent service

2017   Integration to AZIPS system

2019   Switch to new Settlement Agent for Securities Clearing and Settlement Model

           Switch to T + 1 Settlement mode of all secondary market transactions, as well as on primary market transactions with government bonds and Central Bank notes

2021   Became a member of the Central Securities Depository of the Turkey, Merkezi Kayıt Kuruluşu A.Ş. (MKK) and opening an omnibus account at MKK

           Launch of the “Inter Account Transfer” electronic service

2022   Launch of the "Margin" sub-account to investors and investment companies